International Gay Pride Day in Madrid

29 Jun, 2018 | News

The International Gay Pride or LGBT Day begins in Madrid, from on June 28 until July 8. Gay Pride Day annually celebrates an impressive public party to promote tolerance and equality of their collective.

If you have already attended a year, it is out of place to remind you of the importance of using public transport during these days as, during the hours of the celebration throughout each day, the streets of the center of Madrid will be cut.

As a curiosity, the reason for these celebrations to take place on June 28 is because they commemorate the unrest of Stonewall (New York, United States) of 1969, in these riots took place the beginning of the homosexual liberation movement.
If you want to know more about this celebration you can visit the website Mado Madrid pride where you will find more information .

For those who visit Madrid during these days and want to know the atmosphere and parties that are lived in the streets of the center of Madrid, we strongly recommend moving in public transport and leave the vehicles well parked and far from the center, thus avoiding that you are trapped between traffic.

We hope you enjoy during these days of the holidays and we put at your disposal our two phone lines to request a taxi in Madrid.

You can request a taxi on the phone 910 85 54 44 and 653 222 333

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